How Much Does A Logo Design Cost?

Logos are important for all sorts of reasons, and when you have a brand new web site it lets people know that you are a legitimate business – spammers rarely put that much effort in.

It is crucial that your logo looks professional, but how much should that cost? Here are some famous examples:


Microsoft made a surprising move when they updated their logo with a design that many students with Photoshop could have come up with. Their in-house staff made it for $0.




This is probably the most amazing example of great value in corporate logo history. The little bird icon was purchased at iStockphoto for a measly $15. The designer received just $6.




Google co-founder Sergey Brin created their first logo himself, using free GIMP graphics software. The logo certainly looks better these days, but it did the job back in 1998.




Nike co-founder Phil Knight purchased their well-known swoosh logo from Carolyn Davidso, a graphic design student,  in 1971. The price was just $35 – that is about $200 in today’s money.



Of Course Some Logos Are Expensive

…but not necessarily better. Enron’s is a $33,000 disaster – I wouldn’t use that if it was free. Pepsi could have got something cheaper than $1 million. BBC’s 1997 logo change is just three letters using the Gill Sans font. And the most expensive logo (and re branding) of all time was Accenture at a ridiculous $100 million.










Some of my own examples

For my domain name business I created this myself using the budget The Logo Creator software:



For Affordable Web I chose this from 40-odd designs at a crowd sourcing site, for which I paid $200:

Affordable Web logo

I made this myself, using budget graphics design software (I forget which) – for my budget domain registrar:

EzyAddress logo